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Trane has 1500 patents and counting, and we have our engineers, throughout our history, to thank for that kind of advancement and success.

Great people lead to great success

We began as a family business and, even today, consider the 29,000 women and men who work for Trane as family. It’s an extended global family that works in more than 400 locations spread over 100 countries worldwide, including 29 production facilities.

Trane people are respected industry-wide for their skills and performance in designing, manufacturing and marketing commercial and residential systems and for providing customers with the support they need.

Trane Air Conditioners
When it comes to cooling homes, people view Trane Air Conditioners as the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry. Trane Air Conditioners deliver what Trane is all about, incredible comfort with incredible reliability. Trane Air Conditioners work hard summer after summer, because Trane uses only premium materials from the smallest zinc-coated screw to Climatuff compressors. Trane air conditioners deliver the best commitment to a perfect indoor environment.

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