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Honeywell Humidifier HE225A-265A

Honeywell Humidifier HE225A-265A2019-09-19T13:08:10-04:00
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Model: HE225A-265A

Solution for Dry Surroundings.Very low humidity in your home in winter can result in dry, itchy skin or dry sinuses and nose. Dry skin can crack and peel and will look unattractive and can lead to infections. Dry noses and sinuses may lead to a clogging or swelling and closing of the air passes and cause breathing difficulty at night. Choosing a Honeywell humidifier will improve your comfort indoors and maintain a healthy environment so you can breathe a little easier.

We all have an investment in our health, our home and its furnishings. Protecting those investments from the dry air may not seem like an important task, but the effects of dry air are astounding:

  • Dry sinuses and throat
  • Increased bouts of flu, colds and other infections
  • Itchy, dry, cracked skin
  • Cracking of expensive woodwork of floors, furniture, window frames and artwork
  • Damage to musical instruments, such as an expensive piano or violin
  • Increased heating bills!  As the window frames on the house crack, they let cold outdoor air in; causing you to turn up the thermostat!
  • Static electricity shocks that can damage computers, VCRs and other electronic equipment
  • Sleeping difficulties that adversely affect your mental concentration


High Output – Delivers up to 17-19 (est) gallons of moisture into the home each day.

Seasonal Damper – Allows for easy control of humidity from season to season.

Simple Maintenance – Replacement Honeywell Humidifier pads can be purchased from and/or replaced by your heating and cooling contractor, and also fit Aprilaire Humidifiers

Exlusive (AgION) Humidifier Pads – Feature an anti-microbial coating which helps inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, fungus and algae on the pads

PerfectFLO Distribution Tray – Helps ensure that moisture is distributed evently


  • 5 Year Parts Warranty.

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