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Power-Vented Water Tank

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Power vented water heaters are one of the most used gas water heater used on newer houses, it is a storage tank type water heater consist of a gas burner and a steel cylinder with insulations to store hot water.

A white colored PVC piping is by-law required in Canada due to safety concerns.

A power vent water heater does not need a chimney, but uses an electrically powered fan to move combustion products outside. And requires and electrical outlet near the tank.

This style of venting is used when:

  • Replacing an electric water heater and you do not have ready access to a chimney
  • You have access to a dedicated electrical receptacle within six feet of the unit

Model: PV40, PV50, PV60

GSW-logo GSW Power Vent Water Heater
Rheem_logo.svg Rheem Power Vent Water Heater
pvwhBradford White Power Vent Water Heater


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