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GSW Power Vent Water Heater

///GSW Power Vent Water Heater
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GSW ENERGY STAR® Power Vent gas water heaters have been engineered to provide the highest energy efficiency ratings for a water heater of its kind in the market today. The reliable and trouble-free operation of the GSW Power Vent will provide hot water and peace of mind for years to come.

High Quality Features

  • ENERGY STAR qualifed models, including the only 75 USG ENERGY STAR model available in the market today
  • Up to 0.70 Energy Factor
  • Exceeds NRCan energy efciency standards
  • Ideal as a replacement water heater in a variety of applications due the 3-position rotatable blower
  • Available for Natural Gas or Propane
  • Exclusive TankSaver® design to prolong tank life
  • Convenient 3/4” side taps for combination applications on 50 USG high-input and 75 USG models
  • Suitable for elevations up to 10,100 ft.
  • Sensor detects the presence of flammable vapours and automatically disables the unit preventing their ignition
  • Robust air intake snorkel inhibits flammable vapours from entering the combustion chamber
  • State-of-the-art electronic gas control features advanced self diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy
  • Conveniently located T&P and drain valve for ease of installation, serviceability and maintenance
  • Can be vented with 2”, 3” or 4” ULC s636 PVC or CPVC or polypropylene pipe up to 180 equivalent feet


Model: G640S40N-PV-ES2, G640T50N-PV-ES2, G650S40N-PV-ES2, G650T50N-PV-ES2, G650S62N-PV-ES2, G660S42N-PV-ES2, G675T72N-PV-ES2

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