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Navien Tankless 180

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NR 180 Offers Ultimate in Energy Efficiency with Hi-Tech Comfort.

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  1. Easy installation and PVC venting for Navien tankless.
  2. Navien holds the industry’s highest energy efficiency rating – 98%
  3. Ready Link Cascade System
  4. Optional built-in recirculation system with buffer tank
  5. Advanced Eco Navien technology
  6. Extended lifecycle utilizing dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  7. Advanced remote control – CH-10DU
  8. Navien has the industry’s best warranty
  1. Low NO emissions (≤20ppm)
  2. SCH 40, 3” PVC venting up to 100’
  3. Gas-Air Ratio Control
  4. Automatic water filling system
  5. Remote controller included.

Heat Exchanger:

  • Navien tankless water heater utilizes dual stainless steel heat exchangers, providing 3.8 to 4.5 times longer life-expectancy and erosion resistance over the copper heat exchangers used in other tankless brands.
  • Navien’s heat exchangers operate with relatively low water temperature, minimizing damage from hard water conditions and maintain efficiency levels.


Because of Naviens high efficiency the tankless can be vented in PVC piping. Basically excess heat is exhausted with all the combustion gasses in conventional tank systems but a Navien uses this to further heat the water. This results in significantly lower exhaust temperatures and allows for the use of PVC exhaust vent piping.

  • Max Input: 150,000 btu.
  • Ultra condensing efficiency.
  • Convenient for upto 2 Showers and 1 Tap.


  • 15 Years Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • 5 Years Parts Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty.

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