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How to Buy a Hot Water Heater(Step 5: Your Investment)

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How to Buy a Hot Water Heater(Step 5: Your Investment)

We invite you to measure the value of our water heaters. Choose the model which is right for your needs. Remember to compare:
• Warranty protection of all models
• Insulation levels for longer term cost savings
• Recovery of each model to ensure adequate supplies of hot water
• Long life features such as stainless steel elements and extra anodic protection
• Ease-of-use features such as brass drain valve for simplified servicing
• Self-cleaning features to prevent premature failure due to lime build-up



1. If you plan to replace an electric heater check the voltage and elements of your current model. Make note of the storage capacity. Newer models have lower temperature settings to save energy. You may need a larger heater. Consult the Sizing Guide in Step 2.  Your current wiring should be sufficient if you do not increase element capacity.
2. If your plan is to replace a gas heater make note of the BTU/H input on the rating plate of your existing water heater. The venting is sized to this rating. Newer gas heaters are more energy efficient but also have lower factory temperature settings.


1. Make sure you have a new temperature and pressure valve or that one will be included with  your new water heater. This is important for your safety.
2. Purchase pipe wrap to insulate your hot water lines.
3. Remember you will need solder, flux, propane and sandpaper for your installation.  A salesperson will be glad to assist you.
4. A wide range of GSW factory authorized repair and installation parts are available. See store for details.


1. Read the owner’s manual carefully. It has all the information you need. Follow all safety requirements.
2. Check the location. Avoid long piping runs. Insulate the hot water pipes.
3. Never turn the heater on until the water heater is FULL of water. Failures of elements, parts and controls will occur which are not covered by warranty.
4. Always follow local codes.

Most installations require only a wrench, screwdriver and a set of pliers. Some installations require soldering; however if you are not comfortable with this process a handy installation kit is available for all models. Always ensure a new temperature and pressure valve is installed.

We have all types of hot water tank to choose from, either for renting monthly or buying out.

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