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Lifebreath HRV-ERV Series2017-06-11T03:44:14-04:00

Lifebreath Residential and commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are the best choice for ventilating your home or workplace. These units are designed to provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside. Energy including moisture is transferred between the airsteams reducing the loads on the heating and cooling equipment while delivering the air comfortably and quietly into the space.

150 ERV-LB

Model: 150 ERV

Traditional design with 5 speeds available, 2 modes include ventilation and a cycle timer 20 On/40 Off.
  • Counterflow design increases efficiency
  • Uses membrane technology to transfer moisture and energy
  • Proprietary non-cellulose material will not deteriorate with constant exposure to moisture. Only water-washable ERV core of its kind
  • Provides both sensible (temperature) and latent (Moisture) transfer.
  • Reduces air conditioning ventilation load
  • 5-speed, 2-mode operation
  • For smaller homes; 107-151 cfm

10 years on ERV core
5 year on parts

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