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MAX Series HRVs are the only five speed ventilation units available.The MAX Series most popular with consumers and builders alike for both new and retrofit construction. Plus, MAX Series products include a digital wall control at no extra charge.

155 ECM-LB

Model:100 ECM, 155 MAX

100 ECM

Features a highly efficient energy saving ECM motor, door port balancing and the new high efficiency HEX core.
  • Highly efficient energy-saving ECM motor
  • 5-speed, 4-mode operation
  • Patented Aluminum HEX core

10 years on HRV Core
5 years on parts

155 MAX

Highest efficiency single core HRV on the market
  • Recovers 85% of the heat energy maximizing savings
  • Easy Maintenance with Lifetime Warranty on core
  • Counter-flow design for maximum recovery
  • Meets Energy Star Certifications
  • 5 speed, 4 mode operation
  • Patented Aluminum core
  • Includes digital control
  • Door port balancing

10 years on HRV Core
5 years on parts

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