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Vanee HRV – Gold Series

Vanee HRV – Gold Series2019-09-19T05:09:35-04:00

Unparalleled Efficiency and Air Quality


Model: 1001HRV, 2001HRV

All homes require adequate ventilation for the safety of their occupants and to remove excess humidity, airborne pollutants and odors. As homes across the country are built and renovated with energy conservation in mind, they are more air-tight, and the need for balanced mechanical ventilation is even more obvious. Without fresh air, carbon dioxide, odors, dust, airborne pollutants and excess humidity are kept indoors, potentially causing or aggravating problems to occupants’ health and comfort, and encouraging mold growth.

vänEE has redefined ventilation by combining innovative technology, expertise and quality manufacturing to offer the most advanced and extensive lines of heat and energy recovery ventilators available.

Vanee HRV Gold


  • Ideal for Mid Size -Large Size Homes
  • Energy Star
  • Complete Solution to reduce excess humidity
  • Total solution to expel gaseous pollutants.
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical ports
  • Powerful Performance
  • Come with Platinum control to automatically maximizes home comfort
  • Proper Air Flow Ventilation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Exchange Rate 66-192 CFM
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Convertible Energy and Heat Recovery ventilators to meet specific needs
  • Brings a Steady flow of fresh air outside to inside the house
  • Washable Foam Filters
  • Equalizes indoor air pressure
  • Ideal for Colder Climates
  • Compatible with DECO TOUCH controls for higher efficiency and comfort

Other Options:

Platinum wall control with SMART mode – Automated ventilation based on indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature allows optimizing the ventilation and the energy consumption.
Equal Air Pressure Control- Supply airflow is equaled (CFM) to stale air exhaust.


Life time warranty on Thermal Wheel
5 Years on all functional parts

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