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Keeping Your Cool – Choosing A Suitable Air Conditioner For Your Home

//Keeping Your Cool – Choosing A Suitable Air Conditioner For Your Home

Keeping Your Cool – Choosing A Suitable Air Conditioner For Your Home

Keeping Your Cool
High humidity, soaring temperatures, and blazing sun can make your house very uncomfortable. There are several options available to
you to help keep your cool. The following tips will help you make a better buying decision.
Size Matters
Proper sizing of your central air conditioning system ensures a comfortable indoor environment at the lowest possible operating
expense. There are several factors to consider when sizing you air conditioning system including: house size, insulation values, window
area, skylights, location of trees, airflow, and exposure to sun. All of these factors must be entered into a formula that is used to
provide your home a properly sized air conditioning system.
With energy costs continuously increasing it makes sense to consider a higher efficiency air conditioning system. Efficiency is
measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Simply put the higher the SEER rating the more efficient your air
conditioning system is. High SEER ratings help you save money while helping the environment. Current industry standard SEER
ratings are 10 and any rating above that is giving you higher efficiency.
Central Air Conditioning Options
Residential central air conditioning units are usually offered as a split configuration, a mini-split configuration, or a high velocity
configuration. The traditional split central air conditioning system has an evaporator coil in the duct above your furnace that is joined
by refrigerant lines to the condensing unit found outside the home. This type of system is ideal in homes where all of the necessary
ductwork is in place. The split unit also offers the best energy efficiency.
High velocity air conditioning systems have their evaporator coil placed in the attic. Cold air is distributed throughout the house
through plastic ductwork that runs through the ceiling or walls. High velocity systems are an option for home owners who want a
central air conditioning system and currently have no duct system and limited wall space to run ducting.
The mini-split configuration can have one or more evaporator coils attached to a single outdoor unit. Mini-splits require no ductwork
and are ideal for new additions. They are usually mounted on ceilings, walls, or the floor. Mini-splits can also be added to rooms in
your home where supplemental air conditioning is necessary.

The Key Factors In Air Conditioning Selection
Your long term happiness with your air conditioning system will be determined by the quality of the product and the quality of the
installation as performed by your contractor. Be certain to clearly understand the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty
and consider purchasing an extended warranty.


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