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North York – Air Conditioner Installation

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North York – Air Conditioner Installation


The extended summer season has brought bonanza for air conditioner manufacturers and sellers across Canada including major provinces like North York. The AC sales across regions have increased in high single digits and as such the demand for installation services have also increased fourfold. In fact, Air Conditioner Installation in North York has been the buzz word in digital segment for few weeks now. Increasingly large number of people have been searching for Air Conditioning Service North York and related terms in leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


The search spike for Air Conditioner Installation in North York is due to the segregated services offered by the dealers these days. Most manufacturers these days charge separately for equipment, warranty and installation services. Having said this, the cost separation by itself is a not an issue, but the huge installation costs are burning holes in people’s pocket. Nevertheless, Home Savings Inc., one of the leading heating and cooling brands in the HVAC world is offering air conditioners starting from $1899. Furthermore, this cost includes the installation. Now, that’s an amazing deal for any one looking for AC at low cost. People purchasing ACs from Home Savings Inc. will thus no longer have to worry about Air Conditioning Installation North York.


Home Savings Inc. is a leading service provider for all major heating and cooling needs in Canada. The company has several branches and provides its service in all major cities and provinces in Canada. It specializes in repair, installation and maintenance work. It has a dedicated customer base across the country. It is today a renowned brand and most of its customers are repeat customers. The company is well certified, has an experienced workforce and is rapidly growing. It services central, split as well as split ductless air conditioners.


Home Savings Inc. has made customer satisfaction as its mantra. The company has a customer first approach and serves its customers the best irrespective of the order value. The patron satisfaction is at the core of its vision. Owing to this very principle, the firm has devised several customers first policies in the form of –


  • Multiyear parts and labor warranty – Service is a major issue for any equipment and ACs are no different. Most customers are almost always worried about the service once the mandatory warranty period expires. However, with Home Savings Inc, there are no such issues. The entity offers its patrons 10 years warranty on parts and labor. This means that its customers do not have to worry about unforeseen costs.


  • Round the clock repair – it’s a known fact that repair and maintenance work do not come with prior appointment. And it could be stressful if the AC breakdown happens in the middle of summer season. Nonetheless, Home Savings Inc. has this issue covered with its 24 by 7 repairments services. Its customers can just call 647-800-7796 and the issues will be addressed at the earliest possible.


Additionally, the company also offers annual maintenance and monthly rental options for AC upkeep. Afterall, there is no alternative to comfort and with Home Savings, the comfort is guaranteed!