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Oshawa – Air Conditioning Repair

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Oshawa – Air Conditioning Repair

Oshawa is amongst the developed regions of Canada. On an average every household here has 2 air conditioners, and this meant that the demand for HVAC Repair in Oshawa is on the higher side. Having said this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people need to compromise on the technicians they hire for their ac repair. It is always advisable to go for trusted brands such as Home Savings Inc. that have a proven track record in AC Repair Service Oshawa. This company has proved its worth over the last several years. It has 100s and 1000s of dedicated customers across Canada who have been religiously availing it services for ac repair, installation and maintenance.


Home Savings Inc. has a rigorous checklist for Air Conditioning Repair in Oshawa and here are some of these check points.


  • Level of refrigerant – One of the first things that qualified technicians from Home Savings Inc. do is to check the level of refrigerant in AC. Any deviation is rightfully addressed, and the costing is inclusive in the overall repair cost.


  • AC filters – The efficiency of air conditioners is directly proportional to its filters. The filters ensure normal airflow. Cloggy and dirty filters negatively impact ACs longevity.


  • Leak detection – The next step in HVAC Repair in Oshawa is to check for refrigerant leaks. The technicians check for any leakage using the leak detector and fix it for smooth functioning. Furthermore, they ensure that any collected refrigerant is properly evacuated. They ensure that nothing is leaked in the environment.


  • Seal duct – The next important step in air conditioners repair work is to check the seal duct leakage. These leakages could badly hamper both effectiveness as well as efficiency of ACs.


  • AC Coils – Air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils collect dirt over a period. Like filter, they also need to be investigated every few months. Nevertheless, with Home Savings Inc. AC maintenance plan, the AC coils are thoroughly checked and either repaired or replaced depending on its prevailing condition.


  • Windows seal – Air Conditioning Repair in Oshawa is not merely concerned with equipment but also the way it is set up. If the repair is carried out at the beginning of winter season, the Home Savings Inc. technician inspect the seal between the window-frame and AC to ensure that air conditioner contacts its metal case. This is done to ensure that moisture does not damage this seal.


  • Other checks – In addition to checking the filter, air conditioner coil, leak detection, seal ducts, windows seal, condensate-drains and coil fins, these qualified service engineers also measure airflow through coil. They carefully monitor thermostat’s accuracy, electric sequence control to make sure that cooling and heating systems operate separately. This is an important step in AC repair. Nevertheless, Home Savings technicians are well versed with the latest technological advancements and have hands on experience in repairing all forms of ACs. They also verify and monitor electric terminals, connections and take corrective actions were necessary.


All these measures coupled with the seal of authenticity makes the Home Savings Inc. repair service the go to partners for patrons in and around Canada!