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Scarborough – Air Conditioning Installation

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Scarborough – Air Conditioning Installation

Customer service is not an option but a Scarborough Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioner Installation Service Scarboroughfor any business. However, most entities today are busy making money with little concern for after sales support. The summer season is here and so is the demand for ACs. This demand is well accompanied by the need for Air Conditioner Installation in Scarborough and other provinces of Canada. The customers today have equal concern for product, warranty, installation and related services but this expectation is seldom met. Most companies today offer great discounts on product and make for the associated loss by charging separately for extended warranty, support, services and installation. And hence, increasing large number of people today look for Air Conditioning Service Scarborough before buying an AC.

The service is an integral part of sales process. In fact, this has been the case for years. Having said this, the trend is fast changing, and business today look at service as standalone business unit. They do not shy away from charging premium on services and this is taking away the affordability component of essential equipment such as air conditioners. Nonetheless, there are still branded entities such as Home Savings Inc. that have several customized packages to enable people to afford ACs at almost negligible costs. Some of the amazing offers by this company are listed below –

  • AC with installation for less $2000 – Most branded air conditioners cost in the upwards of $2000. Add to this, the labor cost, service, maintenance, repair, installation, warranty, etc. and the cost easily balloons up to $4000. However, this is not the case with Home Savings Inc. The company offers ACs with installation included starting from $1899. Not that’s some deal. People can avail this offer by visiting the promotion section of this company’s website – and entering some basic details such as name, phone number, their email id and a brief message. They can also email the firm at or make a call to their toll-free number, 1-877-720-4837 to get more information on this offer.


  • Zero down payment offer – While, most people are sweating for Air Conditioning Installation Scarborough, Home Savings Inc. is busy setting the rules of the HVAC industry. The company has increased its penetration fourfold in, home appliances segment. It is offering air conditioners at $0 down payment. It is mindful of the fact that ACs, furnace, water heaters, etc. are amongst the most necessities for citizens of Canada and as such it is doing everything possible from its end to raise the standard of living. Through this offer, the customers can own a new AC with a low monthly rental of only $39.99 per month. Furthermore, the company will not be charging a single dollar for labor or repair cost for 10 years. This means that its valued customer can have a comfortable living without having to worry about unforeseen air conditioner breakdowns or Air Conditioning Service Scarborough. Afterall, there is no alternative to mental peace.

Home Savings Inc. with all these customized offers for its patrons is truly making its presence felt in HVAC industry and is fast emerging as a market leader.