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Peace of Mind Plan (Diamond)

///Peace of Mind Plan (Diamond)
Peace of Mind Plan (Diamond)2017-06-11T03:44:14-04:00

This plan provides annual maintenance plus full parts and labor coverage for your unit(s)*. We will book a maintenance appointment with you every year, to tune up your unit(s). In addition, anytime when your unit(s) breaks down, our free diagnose and repair service** is only a phone call away.Annual maintenance will help guard against potential unit breakdowns and extend the life of your equipment(s). Our annual maintenance includes:

  • Prevent basement flooding by checking the drain hoses and make sure they are not blocked.
  • Check there is no water leaking to the furnace and the evaporate coil is not blocked.
  • Clean burners and set for proper ignition and combustion.
  • Lubricate the motors and blowers for proper functioning.
  • Check operation of safety controls and examine pilot safety.
  • Inspect the combustion and ventilation air.
  • Replace standard 1 inch filter.
  • Clean motors and other moving parts to maximize efficiency, and much more.

We all know how expensive and inconvenient an unexpected breakdown repair would cost. With full parts and labor coverage* in this plan, you do not ever need to worry about repair bills again**.

Example Repair Cost With Plan Without PlanFurnace Circuit Board $0 $563
Ventor Motor $0 $779
Ignition Module $0 $538Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor $0 $487
A Coil $0 $817
Blocked Drain $0 $219

With this plan, we will not only protect your Heating & Cooling systems from unexpected breakdowns, costly repair bills, and service calls, but also helps to run your Heating & Cooling systems at its optimal efficiency and extend the life of the systems. This is a combination of both Maintenance Plan (Gold) and Worry Free Plan (Platinum).

Protection Plan
(per month)
Peace of Mind
Worry Free Plan
Maintenance Plan
Furnace $16.5 $9.8 $8
Air Conditioner $18.7 $11.3 $8
Furnace + Air Conditioner
20% Saving
$28.2 $16.9 $12.8

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