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Terms and Conditions

///Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions2014-08-28T14:20:58-04:00

1. For all protection plans, the monthly payment will be added to your Enbridge bill every month, which will be starting from your next Enbridge billing cycle
2. Air conditioner protection plan does not include cleaning the indoor coil.
3. *Worry Free Plan (Platinum) & Peace of Mind Plan (Diamond) cover labor and parts warranty for the units under the age of 10 years old. Units 10 years and older only qualify for the labor protection not parts.
4. Worry Free Plan (Platinum) & Peace of Mind Plan (Diamond) excludes parts and labor warranty for the furnace heat exchanger and air conditioner compressor.
5. **All protection plans do not cover refrigerant refill for any air conditioner.
6. All protection plans will only be effective ten (10) days after the plan purchase.
7. A unit that is extremely defective or damaged by non-mechanical failure does not qualify for any coverage plan (for example, a flooded furnace or air conditioner or damaged by force).
8. Plan will not be valid if it was purchased at the time the furnace or air conditioner is already experiencing problems.
9. All protection plans will not cover units that are not regularly maintained and broken down due to negligence or intentional acts (for example: the furnace filter is not being changed every 3 months for 1 inch filter or every 6 months for 4 or 5 inch filter; the winter cover of the air conditioner is covered the unit while the unit is on; the temperature of the thermostat is not set below desired temperature for air conditioner or is not set above desired temperature for your furnace; the circuit breaker is in OFF position; the thermostat run out of battery; your drain hoses are blocked due to no maintenance, etc.)
10. All protection plans are non-refundable. All protection plans are not transferable to another residence.
11. All Protection Plan coverage starts at a minimum twelve (12)-month contract.
12. At the end of each term, a Protection Plan will automatically renew every year on the anniversary of your enrollment date unless you provides Home Saving Inc. notice of its intent not to renew this protection plan at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the current term.
13. If you cancel prior to the anniversary date of your Protection Plan or if we cancel your protection plan because a payment is overdue by more than thirty (30) days, any payments owing on the annual premium become due, except as stated otherwise by Home Saving Inc.
14. Home Saving Inc. reserves the right without prior notice to suspend or discontinue the protection plan service for any reason at any time with a notice to the customer.