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Trane Ductless Heat Pump

//Trane Ductless Heat Pump
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Heat Pump Get Comfortable with a Smart Solution

Model: 4MXW8, 4TXM6

Air ducts from a central forced air system can lose energy especially if the ducts run through the unconditioned areas like attics and basement. The Trane Ductless Heat pumps have no ducts, thus avoiding this energy lose completely and lowering your energy costs.

Trane Ductless heat pumps are great for rooms or areas that are separate from the central heating and cooling system. Heats and Cools the area only when you choose and only when you need it.

Trane Ductless Heat Pump


  • Upto 22 Seer.
  • Indoor High Wall Mount Option
  • Multi-Split System Option
  • Zone-Specific Heating and Cooling Unit
  • Quiet Operation
  • Provide spot heating and cooling that operates independent of central systems
  • Anti-Cold Design
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Timer controlled.
  • Auto Clean and Triple Filtration
  • Wireless Control
  • Control also shows the temperature and timing mode
  • Outdoor unit is composed of strong galvanized steel grills to prevent rust and damage.
  • Brushless Compressor


  • Composed of three main components—an indoor unit consisting of a coil and a fan, an outdoor compressor unit and a remote control.
  • Most ductless split systems are connected by refrigerant lines and require no ductwork.
  • The indoor unit can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) ranging from 16.00 to 22.00, making the systems remarkably efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Specially designed air vents efficiently reduce sound to provide quiet comfort as low as 26db, for whisper-quiet operation.
  • No ductwork to install, it’s easy to add in any home, in any room desired.
  • Anti-Cold Design pre-heats the air during winter and then blow it to the desired area.
  • Intelligent Defrost System- Improves systems heating efficiency and help you save power.
  • Multi-Split System-You can mix and match indoor units with only one outdoor unit to reach desired heating and cooling needs for each room.
  • Economical and efficient option for homes without an existing ducted system or when adding ductwork may be impractical or too expensive.
  • Higher EER/COP levels allow you to reach the desired temperature quickly without sacrificing your bills.
  • Outdoor unit is especially anti corrosion treated to increase durability and ensure continuous efficiency.
  • Composed of brushless compressor to provide better balance, higher efficiency and lower power consumption.


10 Years on Compressor .
10 Years functional parts.

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