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Sanuvox – Saber Genius

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SANUVOX Breathe Clean Air with Confidence

UV Lights


UV Lamp attacks and kills mold and bacteria that can grow in moist heating and cooling systems, then circulate through your home.


  • Air sanitizer for the whole house
  • Emits Powerful UV light
  • Operates continuously 24 hrs a day
  • Available in 1 & 2 lamp models
  • 3 Year Lamp Life
  • Nearly maintenance-free operation
  • Quick and Easy installation

Other Benefits:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Minimize build up on coils
  • Help in improving system efficiency
  • Enhances Air Flow
  • Picks up and kills the bacteria and germs that most air cleaner cannot clean.

Maximum Effectiveness – Provide maximum effectiveness when mounted inside your system near the cooling coil where pollutants can collect.

Ease of Use -This product requires no cleaning or other monthly routine maintenance.

Lasting Efficiency- UV Light uses about the same electricity as 75Watt light bulb. Just replace the lamp(s) once a year to maintain maximum effectiveness.


1 Year parts warranty on unit base and power cord
90-Day parts warranty on lamp.

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