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GeneralAire Humidifiers GF-1099

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Model: GF-1099

Investment that pays dividends everyday.We all have an investment in our health, our home and its furnishings. Protecting those investments from the dry air may not seem like an important task, but the effects of dry air are astounding:

  • Dry sinuses and throat
  • Increased bouts of flu, colds and other infections
  • Itchy, dry, cracked skin
  • Cracking of expensive woodwork of floors, furniture, window frames and artwork
  • Damage to musical instruments, such as an expensive piano or violin
  • Increased heating bills!  As the window frames on the house crack, they let cold outdoor air in; causing you to turn up the thermostat!
  • Static electricity shocks that can damage computers, VCRs and other electronic equipment
  • Sleeping difficulties that adversely affect your mental concentration


The GeneralAire® 1099LHS Legacy Humidifier is a whole house solution to restoring your home to proper humidity levels; levels that protect your belongings, your home and more importantly, the health and comfort of you and your family. Imagine purchasing a portable unit for every room of your house. It would be expensive, noisy and would require repeated cleaning and re-filling water trays. Maintenance with the Model 1099LHS whole-house humidifier is minimal: simply change the vapor pad once per year! Easily installed and tucked away in your HVAC system, it’s so quiet you’ll forget it’s there.

Breathe a little easier knowing you have the GeneralAire® 1099LHS Whole House Legacy Humidifier working for you.

  • A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a water-soaked pad where it absorbs additional moisture and then returns for distribution throughout your home.
  • Water is metered into the KineticFlo® Trough and dispersed uniformly across the pad. Unevaporated water drains from the bottom of the unit to eliminate mineral build-up.


  • For Home Sizes up to 3000 Sq. Ft.
  • 23 GPD
  • NEW MHX3 Manual-Control Duct Mount Humidistat is included
  • A highly efficient flow-through unit that delivers 23 GPD.
  • Replacement evaporator pad number 1099-20.


  • 5 Year Parts Warranty .

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