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Furnace Repair North York

//Furnace Repair North York
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Home Saving Inc., leading service provider in North York Region

North York is amongst the most diverse regions in Toronto Canada. The region is home to more than 600 thousand residents and has a huge demand for heating and cooling equipment’s. Home Savings Inc. being the HVAC segment leader in service, installation and sales has made deep inroads in furnace repair in North York. The firm now has a dedicated customer base and most of them are repeated customers.

Furnace needs regular maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency. Its effectiveness can be increased through regular repairs, tune-ups and filter upkeeps. Furnace repair services in North York has been a buzz word for few quarters now. The changing demography and pressing professional commitments have meant that youngsters today have very little time to spend on home appliances. This is where furnace installation in North York plays a key role. Home Savings being one of the most trusted brands in HVAC world uses some of the most advanced equipment’s for new installations as well as replacement and repair of old inefficient furnace. It is 95 percent plus AFUE and Energy Star certified. This means that its end users are always assured of high-quality products, post sales services and installations.

Home Savings Inc specializes in furnace cleaning and maintenance in North York region. The company does the root cause analysis to identify the exact reason of furnace breakdown including but not limited to –

  • Unclean or clogged filters
  • Electrical ignition issues
  • Thermostat malfunctioning
  • Crack in heat exchanger
  • Ball bearing breakdown
  • Faulty ignition problems
  • Too much noise
  • Lack of heating or non-heating of furnace, etc.

The furnace issues if left unaddressed could lead to bigger problems such as increased power consumption, higher electricity bills or even worse – complete breakdown during the winter season. And most of these issues are prevalent when the days are cooler, and the furnace must work overtime to heat. However, with Home Savings Inc’s furnace cleaning and maintenance services in North York, its patrons do not have to worry about Furnace repair or breakdown issues. The company lays special emphasis on preventive maintenance to ensure that its customers do not have to face issues in chilling Canadian winters. Some of the steps undertaken by its dedicated service team includes –

  • Checking the thermostat –

Most times, the furnace issues are born out of negligence or sheer lack of knowledge. Though these could be termed as an innocent issue, nevertheless, it comes with its share of challenges. Hence, the Home Savings Inc. engineers investigate all aspects of furnace set up including thermostat. One of the first things they do is to check if the thermostat is on. If not, they do the needful, get rid of any clogged dust, set it to heat and adjust the temperature at least 4 to 5 degree Celsius above room temperature. Most times doing these basics sets the furnace on order.


  • Resetting the home circuit breakers –

Most times, the furnace issues could be related to home circuits. Hence, the Home Savings service teams first test the circuit breakers and then reset it. This is another common issue faced by most furnace users.

Hence, it is important that the service provider has trustworthy, reliable and proven track record of serving customers, like Home Savings, Inc.