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Oshawa – Air Conditioning Installation

/Oshawa – Air Conditioning Installation
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Oshawa – Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Service Oshawa has gained traction over the last few years and this is not without the reason. There have been several cases wherein the best of air conditioners had to undergo excessive repair and maintenance work due to shoddy installation. The poor installations have resulted in –

  • Reduced life of air conditioners
  • Non-desired cooling effect
  • Loss of money due to excessive upkeep jobs
  • Unnecessary and unpleasant experience, etc.

And thus, Air Conditioner Installation in Oshawa is equally important as AC. The buying process is not complete till the air conditioner is duly installed. It is therefore important for people to be vigilant when selecting their service partner. The service provider needs to be a branded firm with established track record and should have years of experience in repair and installation work. It also serves well to check for some online customer testimony before finalizing the AC installation service provider. Nonetheless, there is one firm – Home Savings Inc. that needs no introduction. The company has been at the forefront of Air Conditioning Installation Oshawa for several years now. It has 100s and 1000s of satisfied customers across Canada. Here are some of the important parameters that its technicians consider at the time of Air Conditioner Installation in Oshawa –

  • Wall strength – Gone are the days when people use to buy window ACs. These days people opt for split air conditioners. Since the indoor unit of split AC is installed on wall, the wall strength needs to be given due consideration. It should be strong enough to hold AC unit’s weight.


  • Optimum spacing – The next step in installation process is to ensure that there is optimum spacing for split AC’s indoor unit. It should have 15 to 20 centimeters of open space at its sides and top to ensure proper air-flow.


  • Installation height – AC installation is not about fitting the equipment on wall but its all about precision, accuracy and optimization. And the installation height is one such component. The indoor unit of split air conditioner should be fitted at least 6.5 to 8.5 feet above the ground for optimum cooling. The optimum performance results in lower electricity bills and power savings.


  • Location of outdoor unit – Spit AC installation isn’t complete without correctly placing the outdoor unit. Both the outdoor and indoor units should be placed at location away from direct sunlight, water, wind, etc. This ensures smooth condenser performance and there is no hinderance to the heat dissipated from it. Furthermore, for people staying in apartments, the technicians are extra vigilant while installing the outdoor unit so as to ensure that it goes well with the building décor and causes no inconvenience to fellow residents.


  • Placing of outdoor unit – One of the key parameters that decides the longevity of air conditioners is the placing of its outdoor unit. Its outdoor unit features condenser, fan, motor and compressor and thus should be placed in rigid and flat surface. This ensures that it does not vibrate excessively and there will be no damage to any of these key components.

The air conditioning installation is a serious job and as such should be assigned to reliable and trust worthy partners such as Home Savings Inc. Afterall, there is no substitute for experience.